Animal Liberation


Spanish ALF get Busy


Saturday night, April 2nd, to Sunday the 3rd, all the locks of AveNatur were filled with pieces of metal and glue. They have two stores near the Madrid flea market. Sunday is the day of highest traffic to the flea market.
Several dozen signs advertising a circus in Benaguasil and La Eliana were painted with slogans calling for animal liberation and denouncing the exploitation of animals for entertainment. 



received anonymously (translation):

“This communique has been sent to the newspaper where a story appeared claiming actions against butchers, a tobacconist (due to experimentation), against hunting and a zoo.

We are writing to you regarding the article published on the cover of your newspaper ‘El Fielato’ about the graffiti that appeared in Arriondas and Cangas de Onísin, and elsewhere against hunting and zoos.

On Monday night animal liberation activists decorated several butchers, a truck from a slaughterhouse and a tobacconist with the goal of denouncing the exploitation and consequent death sentence to which they subject thousands of millions of innocents every year. Animals are tortured, confined, exploited and killed to satisfy the whims of human beings; we do not need to use animals to dress ourselves, entertain ourselves, use for experiments, or to feed ourselves.

We want to stress that these actions are not motivated by reasons of ecology or politics but rather for justice for animals.

Until every animal is free and every cage is destroyed, our actions will not stop.

These are the reasons that motivated us to carry out these actions:
In this one-hour documentary, the hidden reality of animal exploitation is revealed:


Mc Attacked in Sweden

“MCdonalds in central Eskilstuna. *from the first action of 2
Later there was more broken glass.”

Irish ALF Campaign Continues

“Barnardos and Rohu furs in Dublin have their locks glued along with a butcher shop.

ALF Ireland”

Billboards Changed in the UK
“Billboards for Air France KLM were attacked in the North of England.We threw red paint bombs across them and spraypainted the words ‘Air France KLM – Monkey Killers’

Air France KLM transport primates for vivisection to labs across the world. We will fight back against this madness.

Animal Liberation Front”




Fur Sab In Milan

In the night between April 5 and 6 , an Alf cell went ‘shopping’ in the heart of animal and human exploitation, central Milan…
thinking about how our little friends (animals) suffer just so stupid people can wear a fur coat, we decided to sabotage a fur shop.. the operation was writing anti-fur slogans on the wall of the shop, breaking the main front window and inserting a smoke bomb inside the shop; the fire alarm will do the rest of the job spraying hundreds of liters of water with chemicals that will totally destroy the fur and everything inside…
the damage was huge… this action was done in solidarity with all the animals killed, tortured, massacred and the ones who are still on death row… as well as to all the (alf) (elf) comrades in prison.

 Animal Park Attacked in Sweden
“In Sweden, Göteborg, we visited Slottsskogen animal park. As we entered the place we destroyed signs and painted over maps. We began cutting up protection fences to some areas, we didn’t move to any animal here because it’s mainly seals and penguins here that is impossible for us to rescue (which is sad as it is easy to reach them!). So we didn’t let any animal out as we’re unsure of what would happen to them. After doing a lot of damages to their fences we hit the glass walls to the now emptied bird cage with a baton but they were too thick to break and the sound echoed through the streets. We instead left messages all over the birdcage’s glass-walls, ‘SCUM’, ‘HERE ANIMALS ARE BEING TORTURED’, and so on. We continued to the seals prison where we poured out thick black ink over the walls and windows and spray painted ‘ANIMAL ABUSERS’ and ‘DBF’ everywhere, so no human scum can look at the animals from these windows, as animals aren’t meant to live for our entertainment! Basically, in graffiti-terms, we bombed the place with the words ‘ANIMAL ABUSERS’ and ‘TORTURE’. Some security doors and a ice cream shop were painted too.

Funny thing is that the message ‘SCUM’ left at one of their maps from some months ago is still there.

DBF / ALF Sweden”

Trapped Liberated in Italy and the UK
Two traps used to capture otters in canals near the city of Belfiore were stolen during the night of April 4. According to a story in L’Arena, a white sheet painted with the initials “ALF” was left along the bank of the canal. Trappers report that this was not the first time that traps went missing.
April 2011 // Several traps in hunting grounds ‘stolen’ and destroyed, putting them out of use. If it wasn’t for the daylight, we would’ve destroyed the rest of hunting estate too… we’ll be back when darkness comes! /ALF”

ALF Target Sled Dog Killers

“On the night of March 29th in Whistler BC, the ALF decided to do what the Canadian government should have done in the first place, punish Outdoor Adventures for ordering the deaths of 100 used up sled dogs. We covered their entire head office with red paint and damaged their windows for all the tourists to see. The reason the Canadian government may have ignored this case of animal cruelty is because they are too busy setting a quota of 400 000 seals for the seal slaughter. Our entire country is run by animal abusing scumbags….. which is why the next night we sabotaged 4 of the conservative governments campaign posters in Vancouver. We shredded them with razor blades and left the message “Save our Seals.” After that we headed to the offices of Fairchild Group, owner of Aberdeen shopping center. Fairchild Group rents retail space to Pappas Furs, Canada’s oldest fur company as well as other fur retailers, live seafood restaurants, and shark fin dealers. We glued all their locks, left a spray paint message “No more Pappas” and covered their entire parking lot with roofing nails in hopes of ruining the tires on the expensive cars they bought with blood money.

A message to Joey Houssain, owner of Outdoor Adventures. We know you didn’t commit the actual murders yourself, but neither did Hitler and you ordered those dogs to be killed. We know you still have more animals and if we find out that one more innocent animal is harmed for your business the next visit will hit a bit closer to home, and by that we mean we know where you live.

In a country where our government not only ignores animal abusers, they reward them as with the case of the Whistler 100, it is time for Canadian citizens to take these issues into our own hands.
If not us, then who, if not now then when?


Fish Liberated in the UK

“Access was gained to the fish units at Brow Well Fisheries in Grassington, North Yorkshire.

We liberated a dozen fish in buckets and released them into a local river to live their life free from the scalpel. Brow Well supply fish to vivisection laboratories across the UK.

Our war on vivisection has just begun. Solidarity to ALF units across the country. We will strike again…

Animal Liberation Front”

*Costa Spring Hatchery, a company owned by Brown Well Fisheries, was targeted by the ALF earlier in March.

Animal Liberation Hunt Sab in Germany



In Achternholt (Lower Saxony), according to press reports, two newly-built mobile hunting seats were heavily damaged during the night of March 24. Chairs and other equipment were torn out and scattered in the field. An older hunting seat was also “severely affected” by an ax. Damage was estimated at more than €1000. Seven hunting seats have been cut down or damaged in the Bessunger Forest near Darmstadt (Hesse) during the last two weeks of March. Animal rights activists are suspected of being responsibleDuring the night of April 1, two wooden hunting seats in the town of Haimar went up in flames.

French ALF burn Meat Trucks


received anonymously:

“At night from Thursday 24th to Friday, March 25th, 2011 towards midnight, in Ablis in the region of Paris, we have burnt a truck and damaged a trailer. These trucks belonged to the company Propdesos which sells equipment for butcher’s shop, delicatessen and to slaughterhouses. We attacked this company because it collaborates with the meat industry. Same if the company found replacement trucks the next day. We are not discouraged. We will fight for our ideas until the massacres of animals stop. Remember that meat industry disgrace us as human beings.

Act now and save lives. Sabotages, fires or liberations, we have to fight by whatever means for all the animals which suffer all around the world.

French ALF”

Fur attack in Greece

23rd – 24th of march stones were thrown at the windows of the Max Mara Shop in Thessaloniki, Greece. In red spray-paint we left the message ‘Animal Liberation!’.

After a few minutes when the cops arrived we have already been eating vegan Pizza.

With this action we want to support the Max Mara Campaign. (

Just to let you know: There is a ‘Max & Co’ Shop just around the corner…

Stop selling fur! For total liberation!

Five dogs liberated from the Swedish Veterinary Institute


“Five dogs liberated from the Swedish Veterinary Institute in Uppsala,

Early morning 26/3, five dogs were liberated from the laboratory
at the Swedish Veterinary Institute in Uppsala, Sweden.
The dogs were being kept there for research but will now be
able to enjoy the rest of their life in families. They will
be able to run in the grass, to play and to grow old without

The oppression of animals has many faces. Vivisection is one.
But as long as there are cages, there will be resistance. As long as
there are cages, Animal Liberation Front will open them.

Until all cages are empty,
Animal Liberation Front Sweden”

War Against Fur Ireland

March 25, 2011 “For too long, Barnardo family of furriers in Ireland had their way. They may think that they can do whatever they please, even attacking peaceful protesters.
The FUrriers Killers Unit, have had enough. It’s time to show these bastards that they cannot have a peaceful life, enjoying the commodities brought by the killing of thousands, millions of animals so two old hags and their little daughters/granddaughters and relatives can sit back and relax.

We have started this campaign by redecorating their vehicle, parked ‘safely’ close to their shop of horrors, behind the Dublin Tourist Center in Suffolk Street.
The two old cameras in the parking didn’t deter us from doing our job.
With a sense of disgust, we saw bottles of expensive champagne and other luxury items inside the car, bought thanks to the suffering and death of animals. They even had food for some pet in there! Talk about hypocrisy and selfishness.
After this quick look, paint stripper was poured all over the car, and locks were glued.
This is only the beginning. We will soon escalate our tactics in this war that people like those wage against our brothers and sisters of the Animal Nations. It’s time for the assassins to taste the fear and pain they impose upon the only true innocent victims, the creatures they murder for money.

FUrriers Killers Unit”

Gothenburg ALF get busy

“ALF Sweden sent a hoax mailbomb in a package to the scum who AGAIN have started to deal with fur at Andreassons in Gothenburg around March 20th. We decided to let you know that we know what you do, we know where you live and we know how to make these work. You the people of Andreassons, Fredrik and the workers in the shop, stop selling fur. What you do is murder and nothing more or less. We don’t harm humans physically, the fuse wouldn’t be lit when it opens as we decided to not construct it like that, this is just a message to the scum: STOP SELLING FUR. – ALF – Animal Liberation Front”

A few days before the ALF burned a hot dog stand last night in Gothenburg. The huge flames engulfed the little murder shop. A beautiful sight. The flames were discovered, as usually, and put out but it did some good damage. Stop murdering animals.


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