Anarchist Resistance

Bristol Attack

In the early hours of Tuesday 12 April individuals who choose to be nameless attacked two points of this society’s infrastructure,we used different methods each time, but maintained the same quality of love and hate throughout. In both Bulwell and West Bridgford T3 mobile masts where set on fire. We used car tires we had left nearby days earlier, bundles of rags coated in petrol and disposable lighter. A little later we took our knives, our paint stripper and our expanding foam to work on two e-on vehicles and a G4 van. We choose these methods due the close proximity of the vehicles drivers and surveillance. The knives took on the tires, the paint stripper the bodies of the vehicles and the expanding foam destroyed the exhaust pipes.

These action was carried out because we know that in order to be free the infastructure of dominant society must be destroyed, we recognise that this infastructure is cultural and social as well as physical, and that in order for us to survive all aspects must be challenged. However, these actions were also carried out because we can not always wait, because we are hungry and impatient in our search for freedom, and each time we act against the totality of this society with our force we find a little bit more freedom from the social prison we find ourselves in. Basically they were a FUCK YOU to every aspect of oppression. Fuck you we are getting read. Fuck you we are becoming less afraid by the day. Fuck you our lives will be our own.

Russian Anarchists Paint the City

On the night of April 10, Ufa anarchists and anti-fascists was carried out graffiti – rally in support of Khimki hostages Dennis and Maxim Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova. In the center of town on a busy street next to the police station was painted with images of a large stencil of our comrades. More to read on the site of blood pressure

Anti Cop demo in PDX

About a dozen people were arrested April 7th when self-described “anarchists” marched through the streets of downtown. —- There were no reports of injuries or property damage.  —- Organizers of the anarchist march said they were protesting police brutality in solidarity with other anarchists around the country, particularly Seattle where the police department is being investigated by the US. Department of Justice. — One protestor complained that police used pepper-spray on teen girls. —- Violence erupts at protest against police, marchers horribly outnumbered. —- Before the protest even began, the police were in sure form: one officer charged a young girl and pushed her violently, leaving her bleeding from an abrasion on her knee. Her companions reported that the officer would not give them his badge number, but that his last name was “Weinberger.” Another officer arrested a protester for throwing a cigarette butt in the park.
When perhaps 20 protesters had gathered, the march commenced, led by a banner reading “Every Cop A Murderer, Every Judge An Acomplice.” By my best count, 30 cops persued at this time, lining the street in blue and yellow and ordering protesters to stay on the sidewalk. The ranks of both protesters and police continued to grow quickly, swelling to 50 in black-bloc. 35+ Officers on bikes hedged the block, with 6 more on horseback and at least 7 patrol cars. A few private security guards were in attendance, sticking to the far corners and looking uncertain.
At approximately 7:40pm, at the corner of 9th & Stark, a confusing melee broke out. Pepper spray could be seen shooting high above the crowd, pushing, punching, shoving, screaming. Many protesters ran in all directions. From my vantage point the cause of the conflict was uncertain, but it was noted by several observers that both sides were aggitated. I witnessed 3 arrests at this point, including a very young girl. Protesters reported her age as 14 years old. Another arrestee was not moving, nearly unconcious, and had to be carried by the police, his feet dragging behind. One officer pushed a protester violently, commanding him to remain on the sidewalk. I hope other observers make their vantage points known, as their was considerable violence I could not clearly see.
As the protesters regrouped in Obryant Park, more police arrived: 20 in full riot gear, perhaps 10 more afoot or on bikes, and at least 10 patrol cars with the sirens of many more approaching in the distance. I counted 58 officers at this time.
The 15 remaining protesters gathered their comrads and spirits and began marching around the adjecent blocks, eventually toward Pioneer Square. Concerted chants of “Fuck The Police!” and “A-C-B! All Cops are Bastards!” seemed to rattle some onlookers while others only gawked in awe. More than a few put their fists in the air in solidarity.
By 8:25 12 protesters remained, stopping breifly at Pioneer Square. At least 26 police officers continued to fence their every move. Patrol cars roared in every direction, a large paddy-wagon rolled slowly by as 20 Riot Police clung to the sides of another truck.
From this point the marchers continued down 3rd Ave and eventually up Burnside to 12th Ave where a wall of police greeted them, forbidding them to pass. The protesters eventually reversed their course via Stark St and returned to Pioneer Square.
By 9:30 perhaps a dozen protesters remained, holding their sign in front of the courthouse, appearing exhausted. The police began to disperse.

Italian Cops Arrest Anarchists

On April 6 more than 300 officers were employed in an “anti-terrorism” operation named ‘Outlaw Operation’ that specially targeted anarcho-insurrectionalist activists. The operation was carried out in 16 different cities including Bologna, where police arrested 5 activists close to the squatted social centre Fuoriluogo and shut down the place. Another person was arrested in the nearby town of Ferrara and released straight after interrogation. 7 other people are under banning orders which restrict their movements and are also being investigated (just for your information, these measures are normally adopted when there is serious circumstantial evidence of guilt AND at least one of the following: risk of escape, risk of acquisition or of the genuineness of the evidence and risk of the offence being repeated).

The operation was part of an enquiry started in 2009 linked in part to anarchist publications and in part to recent attacks against detention centres and corporations like IBM and ENI (multinational oil and gas company). The network was believed to stay in touch through the anarchist zine Invece which when found in houses would be proof of belonging to the network according to the police (by the way, in mainstream media the zine has been described as a “clandestine” magazine…). The police also seized other publications and materials considered “incriminating”.
Belgrade Six free, terror charges dropped
The six were imprisoned in Serbia since September last year on trumped-up charges of ‘International Terrorism’ have been freed. The six are all members or associates of Anarcho- Syndicalist Initiative (ASI), SolFed’s Serbian sister-section in the Inter- national Workers’ Association (IWA).
The acting IWA Secretary, who took up the role when the incumbent was imprisoned as one of the six said “the Serbian state is in full retreat as the case against the Belgrade 6 is falling apart. The six comrades are free and unlikely to be returning to jail as the charges against them are reduced hopefully to something very minor.”
On February 17th the six appeared in court. Hundreds of supporters from Serbia and abroad gathered inside and outside the court and TV cameras from all of Serbia’s major stations were in attendence.
The release of the six comes after an international protest campaign. The six also drew support from prominent Serbian intellectuals who signed an open letter stating “in its essence, the trial against the
six young people is a political one.
This is why we demand the the withdrawal of this senseless indictment.”
Workers Fight Back in Brazil
In a campaign against broken promises related to wages, housings, working conditions and dismissal policy, the struggle radicalizes in the margin of the Madeira river, in the Amazon region. —- Two weeks after delivering a list of demands to the hierarchy of “Camargo Corrêa”, the company hired by the Lula government to raise the biggest building currently afoot in Brazil, the Jirau Plant, the workers have run out of patience. On Thursday, march 17th, among a pacific demonstration of this campaign of struggle, the workers, who were in the process of raising Jirau Plant in the middle of the jungle in the state of Rondônia, destroyed all the structure of the construction site after a confrontation with the police. —- The health center, the warehouse, and all the offices, housings (35) and buses (45) were destroyed and burned by approximately 1,000 workers, who were reacting against the arbitrary imprisonment of one of their fellows.

About 22,000 people work in Jirau site, which has an investment of around
11 billion of reais. Most of the workers came from another states, having
been brought by the promises of recruiters in their cities of origin. But
when they got there, they soon realized that the reality was different
from what they were told. Extra hours were not paid and the workers were
kept in a discipline who resembled “a prison, where the sunbath time is
controlled”, according to Adriano Rocha, who came from Sergipe.

With the use of gas bombs the police managed to extrude the workers, for a
security purpose – according to “Camargo Corrêa”. When they left the Plant
site, the workers built a blockade in the BR-364 road with sticks and
burned mattresses.

The workers complained that “Camargo Corrêa” did not answer the demands
for raising of wages and others like improvement of meal tickets and
health treatments.

The Union of Construction Workers of Rondônia (attached to the state)
condemned the riot and said that the group related to the fire has no
relationship with the union, what clearly showed that the Plant workers
were fighting alone, without the support of this fake union – whose sole
function is to demoralize the category.

“Camargo Corrêa” declared that the destruction is “the result of the
action of vandals who acted criminally…”, and at the same time they
insisted that they did not receive any list of demands (!!!). Now, they
promised to ensure housing and feeding to the workers. Words to the



Anarchists battle UK police after anti-cuts rally

Black-clad, masked youths battled riot police and attacked banks and luxury stores in central London on Saturday, overshadowing a protest by more than a quarter of a million Britons against government spending cuts.

Police said they had arrested more than 200 people after anarchist groups splintered from the main union-led protest march and fought running skirmishes with riot police across the West End shopping and theater district.

They threw flares and paint bombs and smashed their way into branches of HSBC and Santander banks. Banks are blamed by many Britons for a financial crisis that helped prompt the government to implement the deepest spending cuts in a generation.

Hooded figures climbed on to the roof of luxury food store Fortnum & Mason while other protesters attacked the exclusive Ritz hotel and started fires at several locations.

Late in the evening, 200-300 protesters occupied Trafalgar Square where they tried to damage an electronic clock counting down to the 2012 London Olympic Games before helmeted riot police moved in to disperse them amid a hail of bottles.
Killer cop Korkoneas gets a small taste of what he deserves
On around March 17th  D.M., one of the comrades arrested and charged with belonging to CCF gave Korkoneas, the cop murderer of Alexis Grigoropoulos – that was in the same wing in Domokos prison – a small part of what he deserves.
The screws apparently fell on them to divide them and save the murderer and eventually took him to another wing.
Struggle inside and out of the prisons.

Traintracks Sabotaged in Southern Ontario

Police brutality and targeted violence against poor people are standard operating procedures. Police violence is not pointless. The essential function of this violence is to protect capital. In February the Police shot dead a native man accused of stealing two lemons. Several other young men of color have died by police firing squads in Toronto in 2010.

When the police unleashed their violent campaign to siege the City of Toronto for the G20. I launched a campaign of my own. I have copper-wired 5 major train lines to simulate the presence of a train on the tracks. this obstruction can take hours to find and clear, while the major train track delays can cost millions of dollars a minute. The rail lines are an important trade route for the economy and extremely vulnerable to sabotage

Nat West Bank attacked in Nottingham

On March 15th the windows of Nat West Bank on Mansfield Road, Nottingham England were smashed out, and anti-capitalist graffiti was left on the side of the building.

We did this because we refuse to submit to the will of capitalism.
Every single day that goes our love and rage grow.

Love for our friends and comrades around the world. Rage at the forces which try to cripple their sprit and oppress all efforts to find freedom in their lives. Nat West bank is owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland who violently support the destruction of the earth and the prison system, they are merely one aspect of the system entrapping everything it comes into contact with. And this action was just one small gesture against all its claims
Statement from Maximum Security Section: Regarding Hunger Strike (Chile)
It’s difficult to summarize the events of the recent wave of repression, the coarse televised spectacle cements itself in the political-judicial-police machine, reproducing and drawing from the Italian process known as “Marini” and “Cervantes” during which various social centers and squatted houses were raided and the inhabitants charged with being an “Armed Gang.” Operation Salamander ( a similar Chilean species) captured 14 people under the charges of Illicit Terrorist Association, and of transportation or placing of explosive devices.
Affectionate friendships were transformed and mutated into a hierarchical structure. Many of the arrested never even knew each other.Who would have guessed that the idea of living without reproducing power would lead to us being judged as an Illicit Association? The political functionaries maintain that the squatted houses were utilized as conspiracy centers to manufacture bombs; they say nothing of the libraries for whomever might have interest in engaging in solidarity. Now these books are mere articles strewn among “so much proof”. The prosecutor speaks of organic proof found in areas where there were indeed some attacks, motherboards would be the certainty such of scientific proof, another swift kick to the ass of the oppressors: for all the biological proof, none of it implicates those charged on the 14th of August. All of the DNA tests were done by force by the prison guards and police

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Department vehicles were attacked

Two Santa Cruz County Sheriff Department vehicles were attacked on the night of March 15th. Their tires were slashed and etching fluid was thrown onto their windows.
Montreal, Quebec: Public Secuirty Ministry Vehicles Vandalized

Several vehicles belonging to the Public Security Ministry of Quebec were doused in paint stripper and had their tires slashed. This Ministry oversees the provincial prisons and police forces.

Seattle. Montreal. Bahrain. Fuck the pigsBig ups to people who have been out on the streets in this city recently in solidarity with arrested anarchists and against the police, and also to people engaging in struggles against the police in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Supermarket Expropriated in A Coruña

On March 7, a group of eight people wearing Scream masks entered a supermarket on Calle de Orillamar, filled a shopping cart with food, and walked out, leaving copies of the following communiqué in their wake. The expropriated food was later distributed to those in need.

From Sherwood Forest:

In a world where private property is worth more than the right to a dignified life, where it’s more important to defend merchandise than to cover people’s basic needs, profit and the marketplace are the altars on which we sacrifice our daily existence. Money is what determines our destinies, and the destinies it doesn’t favor are condemned to misery. We’re fed up with an economic logic that grants wealth to a few while others suffer privation

‘Nazi’ protesters outnumbered in London

What was billed as a neo-Nazi rally outside London’s city hall instead turned into a bizarre shouting match between anarchists and two men who said they were there to protest fluoride in tap water. — The two fluoride protesters were known local white-supremacist Tomasz Winnicki and Dave Ruud, who heads the Northern Alliance, a far-right neo-Nazi group based in London. —- Both held signs telling people to go to websites that promote taking fluoride out of city drinking water. — The two were far outnumbered by about 20 counter-protesters who showed up wearing black bandanas over their faces and shouting at the two men to go home. — “Are you a Nazi? Are you a Nazi?” yelled one man at Ruud, who backed away and said he was there to protest fluoride.The rally was billed as a gathering of Combat 18 members. C18 is a violent neo-Nazi organization that began in England.
City hall security alerted councilors and other staffers of the planned rally on Thursday.
Winnicki said he’d heard about the neo-Nazi rally through the media and decided to show up to gain more publicity for his anti-fluoride movement.
The issue formed one of the planks of Winnicki’s unsuccessful bid for mayor in the October municipal election included getting rid of fluoride in the city’s tap water as one of its planks.
The counter-protesters often got into the faces of the two white supremacists, yelling at them to leave.
Two uniformed police officers supervised the ongoing shouting match between the anarchist counter-protesters and the two men who said they were there to fight fluoridation. After about 15 minutes, Winnicki and Ruud left.

Anarchist Group Claims Bombing in La Reina, Chile

A group calling itself the Xosé Tarrío Clandestine Antiprison Unit has claimed responsibility for a bombing that took place early Monday morning just outside an apartment building on Calle Las Luciérnagas in La Reina.

The explosion could be heard throughout a 15-square-block area, damaging nearby buildings and vehicles while sowing panic among neighborhood residents.

It was determined that the bomb consisted of a fire extinguisher filled with black powder, which was detonated by a match-lit fuse.
Carabineros personnel have been working on-site in an attempt to gather background information about the alleged perpetrators of the attack.

Anti Cop demo in Seattle and Olympia

March 4th at 7pm in downtown Seattle, a small demonstration was held against the police. Since their embarrassment at demos in the last few weeks, the SPD have changed their strategy of reacting to demonstrators and are now taking preventative measures to try to stamp out the collective rage that has been on the streets of Seattle in relation to police violence.The police had mobilized in expectation of another physically aggressive march with a black bloc (see 2/12, 2/18, 2/26), but this demonstration had been organized at the last minute by Seattle Cop Watch and the general approach was to spread ideas, have a continued presence in the streets, and not initiate physical confrontation.
The police mobilized about seventy uniformed officers on horse, bike, and foot, as well as an unknown level of plainclothes deployment. The officers immediately began ticketing demonstrators for minor offenses such as littering (throwing fliers or dropping cigarette butts) and not having bike lights. They pushed the march onto the sidewalk almost immediately and kept it corralled, while riding horses into the march to trample, push and separate people.
Later that night in Olympia, two police vehicles were smashed up and the station itself received a few love taps that they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.Anarchists, now is not the time fear the baton of a pig and slink into hiding. Now is the time muster up courage, scheme evil plots, and seek revenge. This was not simply an attack against the police, this was a call to make everyone of those motherfuckers pay dearly! Not just for beating a fellow rebel, but for the everyday management and misery these spineless bastards heave upon our backs. In the coming nights it is our deepest desire that others will take it upon themselves to launch a greater surge of aggression against the swine that fill our streets.On the morning of February 28th, a Tacoma Police Department building had all its windows smashed out and some paint thrown on the facade.This was done as part of the West Coast call out for two days of action against the police.Solidarity is our weapon.On Sunday night the 27th of February we smashed with rocks the windows of the Portland Police contact office at 4720 SE Hawthorne Blvd. We did this in solidarity with our comrades in Seattle and the recent uprisings against the police on the west coast. It is our hope that our struggles, and further, the struggle of all anti-authoritarians, will be mutually inspiring. The police have always used violence to uphold the institution of capitalism, and for that they should expect nothing less than to be attacked.On the night of February 26th, 20 anarchists dressed in black with masks covering their faces met at the intersection of Boren and Howell (were John T Williams was killed) in Seattle. A banner was seen reading “Cops Murder Everywhere, Bite Back!”. People began to paint around the intersection on walls and on the ground, a roller piece was seen in the street reading in big white letters “Fuck the Pigs”. Fences were cut down and thrown into the street. Caution tape was wound around the four poles of the intersection. A cop pulled up within minutes but was sprayed down with a fire extinguisher into his window, causing him to leave immediately. Minutes later more cops came from the other direction demanding that people take down the caution tape, their demands were met with “Fuck you”’s as people decided to continue out of the intersection and up the street toward Capitol Hill. Bunches of tire puncturing nails were thrown steadily behind the group to push back the cops. As the march reached the Hill, the group had grown to about 30 people in black. About 25 flags were seen waving in the air. Around 1000 fliers) were thrown in to the air throughout the hour.
Seattle and Louisville Chase bank was attacked
A Seattle Chase bank was attacked on the night of March 4th. They did not hear our laughter as we glued the ATMs and covered the building and windows in black paint.This act of revenge was done not simply against the bank but against the police who protect the tortuous coils of capital. This is but a blow to this world of death with which we are at War. In the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 2nd members of Louisville RAAN smashed out some windows of a Chase bank branch located on Shelby Street. We threw, we smashed, we laughed – and then we RAAN.We did this action in solidarity with recent RAAN actions in Lexington, Ky on Chase bank, a capitalist institution responsible for the funding of mountain top removal in Eastern Kentucky as well as the 1-69 NAFTA superhighway. Our actions may be small and nothing but a symbolic gesture, nonetheless we act against all that oppresses us in this world.For nothing, for the (future), for smashy smashy.Wells Fargo repainted March 2ndWells Fargo in Tacoma had paint thrown on its exterior. This was done as an act of solidarity with the Asheville 11 (every 1st of the month…). May our actions warm hearts.Wells Fargo is also one of the main financial advisors for GEO Group. GEO Group is the private prison corpration that maintains the Northwest Detention Center.Total solidarity with the accused!
Final statement Conspiracy Cells of Fire, Dutch Cell
The attacks on the fascists of Rabobank is dedicated with all our fire to our brothers of the prisoner’s cell of the members of Conspiracy Cells of Fire and the opressed people of the world. Our comrades and the honest minority of dignified revolutionary Persons political and civil, are not just a piece of our struggle, are not only an aspect of our action, but their choices, attitudes and dignity are the struggle itself as a whole, they are the substance.Attacks we are claiming:
• June 2010- setting the tower in fire in Utrecht(Netherlands)
• October 2010- setting the tower in fire in Utrecht(Netherlands)
• February 2011-setting the tower in fire and attacks on the website of Rabobank in Utrecht(Netherlands)
Russia, Irkutsk anarchists dropped a banner
Fuck the police! This was the slogan Irkutsk anarchists noted the entry into force of the “long awaited” Law on the Police. ” A former police officers were congratulated on holiday, day of “evolutionary leap” from the humiliating status of a “garbage” in the “cop”, a super-hero blockbuster. “We understand that the name change will not change the fact – a repressive institution and remains a repressive institution. In addition, many of the new law expands the powers of police, making us all more vulnerable. However, it can not but rejoice another fact: giving greater freedom of cops acting power, obviously, is trying to prevent from the possible effects of social protest.An example of Middle Eastern revolutions, more than revealing. Now the Russian government has to introduce a new degree of protection. So everything that we did before was wrong:) “, commented the share held one of its members. “Greeting card” is placed at the entrance to the Institute.
Picture at:
Marches Against Militarization, Criminalization and Colonialism
On Wednesday, February 23rd, dozens of individuals from diverse communities, including O’odham, Dine, anarchists and more, came together in solidarity with six individuals who locked down the Tucson Border Patrol Headquarters last May and in resistance to border militarization, criminalization and colonialism. —- Heeding a call from the BP6 for further action, banners were dropped throughout downtown Tucson, reading “Border Patrol Out of O’odham Land”, “Stop Militarization on Indigenous Land”, and “Egypt – Wisconsin – O’odham Nation – Solidarity.” —- As the defendants left the rally to go to the city court, other supporters took the streets in an unpermitted march through downtown. Chanting “No Borders, No Border Patrol!” and “Whose Land? O’odham Land!”, the crowd snaked towards the courthouse. Two individuals were arrested, allegedly for trying to hoist a 25-foot long banner reading “Las Paredes Vueltas de Su Lado Son Puentes (Walls Turned on Their Sides are Bridges) – No Raids – No Deportations – No Colonialism.”After stopping to rally outside the city court, the group continued to the federal courthouse, where 70 undocumented persons a day are processed through Operation Streamline, an experimental fast-track deportation program begun in 2005. Under Streamline, those apprehended for unauthorized entry can face federal criminal charges in addition to civil deportation proceedings, and can face even harsher penalties for repeat entry.As the crowd left the federal court, a Wackenhut bus full of detained migrants bound for deportation stopped at a traffic light alongside the march. Wackenhut (now named G4S) provides transportation for US Customs and Border Protection as well as having formerly managed private prisons and detention centers before these facilities were taken over by PIC giant GEO Group, Inc.. Waves and fists were raised from both the marchers and those being held on the bus.The two people arrested during the march were released at 8PM with charges of “disorderly conduct” and “obstructing a highway or public thoroughfare.” The trial of the BP6 is expected to continue on March 22nd, with more solidarity actions being planned.

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